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Minnesota Catholic school offers ‘social justice algebra’

The class has done away with tests, replacing them with projects that use algebra to "solve real world problems and help marginalized communities."

Evan Stambaugh

November 29, 2021

Some students at Benilde-St. Margaret’s (BSM), a Catholic preparatory school for grades 7-12 in St. Louis Park, are actively working to weave “social justice” themes into the curriculum.

The school’s student newspaper, Knight Errant, published an article last Thursday which stated that social justice is “a key part of Catholic education,” though it did not make a necessary distinction between the historic meaning of the term and its contemporary 21st century meaning.

“BSM has committed to upholding the seven Catholic Social teachings in its strategic plan, and incorporating social justice into the BSM community is an important part of meeting that goal,” the article claims.

For the 2021-22 academic year, the prep school added a “social justice Algebra II class” to the curriculum. According to Knight Errant, the class has done away with tests, replacing them with projects that use algebra to “solve real world problems and help marginalized communities.”

“So far this year we’ve talked about climate change, and ice thawing data from Alaska, and they’re currently doing a project on the median housing cost and the minimum wage in Minneapolis and St. Paul,” said John Groess, who teaches the class.


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Owatonna schools effectively prevent parents from seeing what their children are being taught

The Owatonna school district is making unnecessary redactions to parents' data requests and misusing copyright law to effectively hide the district's curriculum, according to a local advocacy group and their legal counsel.

Kyle Hooten

December 8, 2021

Parents in a Minnesota school district asked to see what their children are being taught. The district effectively refused to show them.

A group of Owatonna parents called the United Patriots for Accountability filed a data request (Minnesota’s version of a FOIA), seeking mentions of certain key words related to critical race theory in school district documents. Critical race theory is a leftist means of analyzing the world through a racial lens, attempting to understand the features of modern society as an outgrowth of underlying racial dynamics like racism. Conservatives generally feel that history and civics should not be taught from this perspective in public schools.

This request (the first of three) was sent Aug. 2, according to James Dickey of the Upper Midwest Law Center, which is now representing the United Patriots in their struggle to obtain data from Owatonna schools. Dickey told Alpha News that while his clients did receive two sets of documents related to their request, the information was “heavily redacted” and only pertained to seven of the 19 keywords the United Patriots inquired about.


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College Op-Ed Asks if White People Should Be Kicked out of Parties

Should people be punted from parties if their pigment is paltry?


Such a question’s currently being publicly posed at a private liberal arts school in Pennsylvania.


A December 2nd op-ed at Swarthmore College boasts a titillating title: “Should We Be Kicking White People Out of Parties?

Writer Sameer Halepoto notes that Caucasians are crowding soirees.

And when whites are out and about, others are put out:

Hosted by the Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU), Swarthmore African Student Association (SASA), Swarthmore ENLACE, and the Swarthmore African-American Student Society (SASS), the party at Paces the Saturday before Thanksgiving welcomed diversity more than most. After all, typical Swat parties include an outsized number of white students (many of whom are athletes), making it harder for marginalized groups to feel welcome. Four affinity clubs hosting the party meant that more queer and BIPOC were likely to attend.:snip:

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Report: Minnesota teacher tells students about her threesomes, ‘furry’ fetish and more

A Minnesota teacher reportedly tells students "details" about her "3-way sexual relationship" and how she identifies as a "furry" — which is a person who derives pleasure from dressing up as an animal.

Kyle Hooten

December 10, 2021


Left: Furries dressed in their animal costumes (Wikimedia Commons); Top right: Alden-Conger schools (Facebook); Bottom right: Superintendent Brian Shanks (Facebook)

Warning: The contents of this article are disturbing. 

A teacher in Minnesota’s Alden-Conger Public School District reportedly identifies as a “furry,” brags to her class about having threesomes with her husband and another woman, speaks positively about incest and assigns pornographic material as coursework.


Quist told Alpha News that rogue teachers feel like they can do anything they want when their superiors and the public don’t speak up.

“When you speak out, then you understand how important it is,” she said. “If nobody speaks out people think it’s not that big of a deal … being vocal, being public. Being willing to take the swings picks peoples’ conscience and they understand their children are at risk … the children are the ones who are upset in all this.”

Alpha News reached out to Superintendent Shanks for comment but did not receive a response.

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Common sense fail! Woke California school boards BAN teachers from giving D and F grades and will instead offer students chance to try work again or mark it as 'incomplete' in a bid to help black, Latino and low-income students during the pandemic

  • LA, Oakland, Sacramento and Santa Ana are among the districts trialing the new system
  • D and F grades will no longer be issued, and instead students will be given fresh opportunities to take the tests or complete the work
  • Supporters say that it is necessary to reduce the trauma from the pandemic and support students in need, with black and Latino students more affected
  • Critics say that it is 'lying' to students, dumbing down, and reducing their ability to function in the wider world 
  • In October 2020 both San Diego and New York City school districts announced they were allowing schools to get rid of D and F grades
  • They said it was to level the playing field as a result of the pandemic - although San Diego said they had been considering the plan since 2018 :snip:


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Woke Wolverines The University of Michigan medical school embraces divisive racial ideology.

At the University of Michigan, critical race theory has invaded yet another discipline: medicine. In January 2021, Michigan Medicine’s Anti-Racism Oversight Committee Action Plan called for designing a new curriculum, one that would use an “intersectional framework” and incorporate “critical race theory.”

The story is a microcosm of a nationwide trend that has not spared medicine. In the summer of 2020, senior administrators at Michigan Medicine, like many of their colleagues around the country, called for large-scale change. On June 1, five deans and vice presidents published a letter decrying health disparities, declaring: “We must reject and prevent this manifest . . . injustice.” A few days later, the executive vice president for medical affairs expressed the same urgency in a letter titled “The Time is Now.”

Students pressured the administrators to follow through on their ambitious rhetoric. A coalition of students and student organizations published its own letter, demanding concrete action from the medical school. “Correcting centuries of historical injustices perpetrated against the Black community,” the letter reads, “requires a radical departure from what we are currently doing.” The letter listed over a dozen far-reaching demands. “Michigan Medicine must end traditional policing efforts on its grounds,” it asserted. “Michigan Medicine must support physicians in taking an active role in advocacy efforts”—that is, “a greater role in advocating for change in our communities and government.”:snip:

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7 minutes ago, Geee said:

My grandchildren try not to go to the bathroom at school at all - that's where all the fights, drugs or whatever else takes place. Sad where we are now as a society. They live in a small town.



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Arizona Teachers Attended LGBTQ+ Training That Distributed Lesson Plans About Race, Gender For Kindergarteners

Chrissy Clark

December 17, 2021

Arizona’s State Board for Charter School promoted an LGBTQ+ training for faculty which encouraged educators to incorporate “LGBTQ-inclusive” curriculum beginning in Kindergarten, according to an email reviewed by the Daily Caller.

GLSEN — pronounced “glisten” — is a New York-based education organization that works to create “safe and LGBTQ-inclusive K-12 schools” nationwide. The organization hosted a training for educators in September, in part to promote its “Rainbow Library Project,” which distributes literature on LGBTQ+ ideology.

The presentation told educators how to incorporate LGBTQ+ ideology and Rainbow Libraries in the classroom, according to a PowerPoint obtained by the Daily Caller. The training, which was presented by an activist named Michael Rady, said that the incorporation of LGBTQ+ ideology would provide a “stepping stone” for more “inclusive curriculum” at the district and state levels.


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Emory University tells fraternity it can’t hang Christmas wreath on door

Students at Emory University have been told that their Christmas decorations are a violation of school policy. 

According to Campus Reform, members of the school’s Alpha Tau Omega fraternity were told on December 3 that their Christmas wreath hanging in front of their residence was a violation of school policy that would require an incident report.

“Since this is the second violation of the policy, an incident report will be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct,” Josh Gamse, assistant director of sorority and fraternity life, reportedly wrote to the students in an email.

Emory’s policy states that “exterior holiday decorations must not be installed or removed by students” and that “violators of this policy will face disciplinary actions.” :snip:

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Private preschools are teaching the future elite to be racist

Wokeness has come to New York City elite private schools. It has infested everything, from social interactions to math.

A few weeks ago, teachers at Manhattan’s Brick Church School read “Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race” to several classes. In its lessons on racism, all the racists are, of course, white.

One typical line: “A long time ago, way before you were born, a group of white people made up an idea called race.”  The idea that people didn’t notice each other’s skin color or features until white people made them is, of course, absurd.

“Our Skin” aims to “empower activism in young children” and encourages them to attend protests. This is really the point of such books: to turn kids into little soldiers in the war to implement leftism.

This type of woke nonsense has been prevalent at New York elite schools for the last year. After the atrocious killing of George Floyd by a police officer, schools threw money at consultants and lesson plans to insulate them from accusations of racism.

By the way: Brick Church is a preschool. Parents report that teachers read the book to children as young as 3.

Founded in 1940, Brick Church charges $26,700. Getting admitted is is difficult. Two-year-olds compete for spots.:snip:

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A Southern Professor Razes Hiking and Fishing's Racist White Dominance

If you aren’t white, you may not be able to go way outside.


At least, that appears to be the belief of a North Carolina State University professor.

KangJae “Jerry” Lee — of the school’s College of Natural Resources — recognizes the racism keeping you from enjoying the great outdoors.

Cultural differences, he asserts, can’t explain why there aren’t more black people fishing, hunting, and hiking.

Also an insufficient excuse: income disparity.

The instructor laments America’s adventure/nature gap, but he’s bulls-eyed the culprit: systemic racism.

Wichita’s KAKE recently jawed it up with Jerry on the lack of outdoor equity.

Per the ABC affiliate’s article, “the lack of diversity in outdoor recreation has become a hot topic in the White-dominated space.”:snip:

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