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Gen Z Finding God & Woke Politics Dividing Churches | Nathan Finochio | SPIRITUALITY | Rubin Report


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July 19 2020

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Nathan Finochio (Founder of TheosU) about why Gen Z is finding faith, how social justice is dividing churches, and the dangers of woke identity politics that have no mechanism for forgiveness. Nathan discusses how he got involved in christianity at an early age and how he merged his interests of music and spirituality. He also shares why he thinks secularism is causing so many young zoomers to find god and flock to church. Nathan also discusses how churches like his are making religion more appealing to young people by merging faith with music. Nathan discusses how social justice and woke identity politics are dividing churches. Since the start of the Black Lives Matter protests and pandemic, he has witnessed churches dividing into two separate camps of leftists and conservatives. He personally sees a lot of truth in James Lindsay’s description of critical theory as a Trojan horse or a new religion with a different means of finding truth. Nathan shares what he feels are the dangers of critical theory and identity politics. He agrees with James Lindsay that critical theory is dangerous due to its assumption of guilt with no mechanism for forgiveness. He discusses how Pentecostal Christianity, is particularly vulnerable to woke identity politics due its absence of a central leader.



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