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'Black Voices for Trump' Advisor Warns of 'Global Movement to Destroy the United States'


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(CNSNews.com) - Carol Swain, a former Vanderbilt Professor and an advisory board member with Black Voices for Trump, told Fox News Wednesday night that the ultimate goal of the recent protests, vandalism, and occupation is the destruction of the United States.

"It's not about police brutality or racism," Swain said:

I would say that it's part of a global movement to destroy the United States as we know it. And its roots are in Marxism, and anyone that studies Marxism knows where it goes. It goes to communism. And that's where we are headed.

So the activists that you see out there today, they have an agenda. They are well-organized. The uprisings are not spontaneous. The grievances of black people and others that are oppressed are being used to advance an agenda, and if they succeed in destroying America, I guarantee you no one will be happy with the nation that remains.:snip:

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Sen. Cruz: 'We Need Leaders to Stand Up and Defend America Unapologetically

CNSNews.com) - "Unfortunately, the Democrats have released the crazies in their party, and they are going nuts -- the violence we're seeing, the rioting we're seeing," Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told Fox News's Sean Hannity Wednesday night.

"They hate America, and we need leaders, Sean, to stand up and defend America unapologetically as the greatest nation in the history of the world dedicated to equal justice.":snip:

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Even In Trump Era, Republicans Prioritize Pandering Over Pushing Back

Republican politicians are right to be afraid. This is a frightening moment. The cultural left is feverish, and firmly in control of media and business. They are winning scalps left and right, and from the left and right. No whisper of dissent is tolerable. This is exactly why it’s not the time for pandering, and that’s a statement of both pragmatism and principle, since much of the GOP only seems concerned with the former.

Take Republican Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana, who framed his new qualified immunity bill as an imperfect reform effort introduced to ensure Republicans are part of the “conversation” about racial justice, since “Chuck Schumer‘s already decided he can make hay off it in the election.” Braun, a businessman, also endorsed the radical, leftist Black Lives Matter movement, rather than simply proclaim his categorical support for equality. The logic is that Republicans should make small sacrifices for political expediency in order to retain appeal with the public. (And then pass tax cuts.):snip:

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