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Watermelon Rind Pie


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Our gracious Foods & Recipes hostess, @donna , recently shared a recipe for Watermelon Preserves so it got me thinking about recipes that call for watermelon. I came across this one for Watermelon Rind Pie in the "Guide For Nut Cookery" published in 1898. Please share if you give it a try.    :hungry:


  • rind from 1 watermelon
  • 1 lemon
  • sugar to taste
  • a little vanilla
  • 1 tsp cornstarch
  • pie crust

Cut the watermelon in two parts, remove the central or red part, then after removing the outside skin, and all the red part of the melon, cut in very small pieces, and cook in plenty of water until very tender; add the juice and a little of the grated rind of a lemon, sugar to taste, and a little vanilla. If desired, use 1 teaspoonful of corn-starch for each pie. Rub the starch smooth in a little cold water before adding. Cook until the starch has time to thicken, then place in a pie-tin lined with a nut paste. Bake with two crusts.’


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