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Unconquerable Nation Knowing Our Enemy, Strengthening Ourselves

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Brian Michael Jenkins

Secret Service agents gunned down the first team of assassins before they got to the President, but it was a close call. A second team ofgunmen managed to get into the House of Representatives, where they wounded five congressmen. A terrorist bomb caused damage butno casualties at the Senate. Troops took up positions at the Capito land the White House, both of which had been set ablaze. By sun-down, Washington was sliding out of control; columns of black smoke could be seen for miles. Authorities were unable to save the White House, which was completely destroyed by fire.

In New York City, a huge vehicle bomb exploded on Wall Street, killing 33 people and wounding more than 400. Another bomb exploded in downtown Los Angeles, killing at least 20. Yet an-other bomb killed and maimed hundreds in the heartland. An explosion leveled a Texas town, while fires destroyed most of Chicago and San Francisco.

That was not as bad, however, as an inexplicable deadly epidemic that hit the nation’s capital in the summer. By autumn, one-tenth of the city’s population had died. Similar deadly outbreaks swept across the country. Nationwide, 1 in 200 Americans died. Cities announced their own blockades against those fleeing the stricken areas. The fabric of society was unraveling with riots and looting

Following riots, the Army patrolled the streets in Washington,Detroit, and Los Angeles; 120,000 people were interned as potential subversives. The worst crisis, however, was the receipt of a credible nuclear threat.



Rand Corp.

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