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Remember Missouri


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Remember Missouri

By Jason Welch on May 20, 2020

People remember Missouri as a Union rather than a Confederate state.  Even those who are not offended by the memory of the Confederacy are either unaware Missouri seceded from the Union or refuse to recognize Missouri’s secession because it was not done “properly.”  Considering the attitudes and underhanded politics common in the 1860s, what exactly does proper mean?  When most people use this or an equivalent term they are referring to the state’s constitutional convention, which was convened with the assumption that secession was legal but an amendment to their state constitution may be necessary to sever ties with the Union.  Conventions were the most common method of implementing an act of secession; by 1860 and 1861, they were considered the normal way, but were not the only way.  For some states that wanted to leave the Union, this method was not even possible.  :snip: https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/blog/remember-missouri/

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