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Beautiful: Man Cleaning Up After Democrats Asks One Question That Liberals Probably Can't Answer...Or Defend

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Oh, this is great. It’s a question that Democrats can’t answer or are unwilling to defend. And it was asked in the bastion of liberal America. Why do Democrats care more about illegal aliens than homeless Americans in the streets? It’s a question that Scot Presler, the man whose been volunteering to clean up the garbage that’s accumulated in Democrat-run cities, asked of San Francisco residents. Yes, the crowd around him wasn’t big, but the question is still salient. Why is this the case? The Democratic Party is keen on expanding sanctuary policies, giving illegals health care and driver’s licenses—but what about the homeless? On the West Coast or Left Coast, homeless people are becoming a hallmark characteristic. Presler noted that California is one of the biggest state economies in the country, but Sacramento would rather cater to illegals instead. California is a sanctuary state. 


Presler noted that both his father and grandfather had served their country in the military and that he’s doing his part cleaning up communities around the country because he “gives a damn.” :snip:

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Meanwhile Down South....................

The Moral Crisis of Skid Row

Los Angeles’s addiction epidemic is creating a permanent underclass, cut off from the rest of the city.

Christopher F. Rufo

Winter 2020

They call Los Angeles the City of Angels, but it seems that even here, within the five-by-ten-block area of Skid Row, the city contains an entire cosmology—angels and demons, sinners and saints, plagues and treatments.

Walking down San Pedro Street to the heart of Skid Row, I see men smoking methamphetamine in the open air and women selling bootleg cigarettes on top of cardboard boxes. Around the corner, a man makes a drug transaction from the window of a silver sedan, a woman in an American-flag bandana flashes her vagina to onlookers, and a shirtless man in a bleached-blond woman’s wig defecates behind a parked police car. Slumped across the entryway of an old garment business, a shoeless, middle-aged junkie injects heroin into his cracked, bare feet.

Skid Row is the epicenter of L.A.’s addiction crisis. More than 12,000 homeless meth and heroin addicts pass through here each year, with thousands living in the vast network of tent encampments that line the sidewalks. For decades, L.A. has centralized public services in this tiny city-within-a-city. The result: it’s become an iron cage of the social state, with the highest concentration of homelessness, addiction, and overdose deaths in Los Angeles County. Fire Station 9, which covers Skid Row, is now the busiest firehouse in America, responding to 35,518 calls for service last year, including a record-high number of overdoses and mental-health crises.


At the corner of San Pedro and Sixth, I watch the sun vanish behind the buildings, casting a heavenly glow over the streets and the tents and the worried faces. In the falling darkness, a middle-aged black man with light-colored eyes reaches for my hand. He introduces himself as the Reverend and, bowing to reveal a long surgical scar down the back of his head, tells me that he has broken his neck twice but still walks the streets of Skid Row.

“You’re lucky,” I tell him.

“Luck’s got nothing to do with it,” the Reverend fires back. “From Genesis to Revelation, you won’t see the word ‘luck’ once. It’s God working miracles. He’s going to work a miracle here, too,” he says, spreading his arms the length of San Pedro Street, as if to gather up all its despair into his hands.

The Reverend is mad, it seems, but perhaps no madder than the policymakers who have spent billions in vain, refusing to admit that their proposed solutions have worsened the problem instead of ameliorated it. At least the Reverend seems to understand what the policymakers won’t: that the people on Skid Row are the casualties, not of capitalism or an unfair social system, but of a profound spiritual crisis. Political leaders will continue to make plans, cut ribbons, and wish for luck, but until that reality is recognized and addressed, miracles may be the only thing that works.


Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom's instruction.
Proverbs 29:18

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