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A Democrat Attends A Trump Rally

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Feb. 19 2020

In a wildly popular Medium piece, Dr. Karlyn Borysenko described what it was like attending a Trump rally as a Democrat. She told Glenn Beck crossing party lines is nearly forbidden in liberal circles but she branched out anyway -- and learned quite a bit about the other side.

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This liberal went to CPAC. And it was nothing like I expected.

Karlyn Borysenko

Mar. 3 2020

I have a few theories about what made my article about being a Democrat who went to a Trump rally go massively viral. Perhaps it was the novelty of the social justice crazy going on in the knitting community. Perhaps it was the experience of someone successfully overcoming Trump Derangement Syndrome when most people just seem to double-down. Perhaps it was that the conservative community wanting to celebrate luring a previously-staunch Democrat over to the “right” side of the aisle.

But mostly, I think that a message of civility was simply what a lot of people were craving after three years of constantly being called nazis and white supremacists by those they disagreed with politically. In so many of the messages I’ve received, there was a profound sense of relief and a renewed sense of optimism that perhaps it will be possible to bridge the political divide. People expressed hope that they could re-establish their relationships with their friends who had cut off contact, or even that their marriage could be saved if they both supported different political candidates.


The conservatives I met at CPAC don’t care what the color of your skin is — they care about the content of your character. They don’t care who you love, or how you worshipped, or what you have between your legs. They believe in self-sufficiency and empowerment and about not paying taxes to support your lifestyle (but in return, they won’t ask you to pay taxes to support theirs). And they may not agree with everything you say, but they will defend your right to say it.

Don’t worry, I’m not running right out to join the Republican party. I just escaped the grasp of the Democrats and am perfectly happy sitting in the land of the politically homeless for a while. But if I end up needing to choose between liberty and authoritarianism, I know exactly where to go.

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