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'No evidence of any wrongdoing': Ethics commission releases findings of Eric Greitens investigation

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Nearly two years after Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, a rising star in the Republican Party, resigned in the wake of misconduct allegations, an ethics commission announced that it found no evidence of wrongdoing. 


The Missouri Ethics Commission released its findings on Thursday and concluded that although there were two violations in reporting of in-kind contributions, no other wrongdoing was found, despite numerous and varied allegations leveled against the former governor. 

“After a review of the complaint, 235 pages of supporting documentation; the issuance of 23 subpoenas, which resulted in the production of roughly 8,000 multi-page documents, emails, and videos; approximately 20 interviews conducted by Commission investigators. … The MEC found no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of Eric Greitens, individually, and no evidence that Governor Greitens knew of the two reporting violations,” the panel wrote. 

The commission also conducted a “review of publicly available documents provided on the Internet by the Federal Election Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Federal Communications Commission” as part of the lengthy investigation. 

For the two violations Greitens was ordered to be fined about $178,000. 

"If the respondent pays $38,000 of the total fee within 45 days after the date of this Consent Order, the remainder will be stayed," the document reads. 

Despite the panel’s finding of two reporting violations, “The Commission did not find reasonable grounds to support the remaining allegations contained in the complaint filed with the Commission," it wrote.:snip:

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