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Bernie’s Billionaires

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"We have no reason to create millionaires,” declared Fidel Castro to his Politburo. “We fight not to create millionaires.”

Castro, for the record, was much more than a millionaire. In 2006, Forbes magazine estimated his net worth at $900 million and rising. The communist tinhorn despot ranked among the top 10 wealthiest rulers in Forbes’ annual survey, with a stash of cash and land equating to likely over a billion dollars at the time of his death.

And yet, all Cuban workers — from doctors to teachers, baseball players, dentists, farmers, janitors — subsisted at a mandated “living wage” of $1,200 per year, while the Castro brothers and a close-knit band of apparatchiks literally owned the island. Like all communist countries that tout spreading the wealth, Cuba has its filthy rich; they’re the “1 percent” of Communist Party cohorts.

Yes, American progressives and Occupy Wall Street maniacs, if you want to see a society of true 1-percenters, with an income gap that would make you cry into your Starbucks cup, go to a Marxist country. There, 99 percent of the masses make the same poverty wage, while 1 percent confiscate wealth and property.

But hey, at least the serfs have “free” education and health care!

That’s the ridiculous retort of the American Left, including Bernie Sanders.:snip:

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