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Nearly Half Of Flint’s Emergency $390 Million Water Funds Did Not Go To Clean Water

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Four years ago this month, then-Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder declared an emergency in Flint, and $390 million in state aid began pouring in. Much of the money, however, was spent on activities only peripherally related to lead in water, state spending data show.

About $129 million was spent on economic development and “social development,” nearly as much as the $144 million spent on safe drinking water, according to the state budget tally.

Money from a state water grant was used to bring “a youth basketball league back to the city after a fifteen-year absence,” according to the book “The Poisoned City.”

State water-crisis money has been providing free daycare for children ages 3 and under in the city, even though none of them were alive or in utero during the primary water crisis, a state spokesman acknowledged. The city switched from the problematic water supply in October 2015.

Kurt Weiss, spokesman for Michigan’s budget office, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the original justification for daycare was that staff could monitor kids who had been exposed to lead for signs of developmental delays.:snip:


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When I read the headline I thought...Diversity Training! Well I'm big enough to admit I was wrong. Much better to spend it on Youth Basketball, and “social development,”.... “Social Development”, what a Wonderful Broad All Inclusive Phrase.



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