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Dem Debate Flop

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Most viewers were watching President Trump hold forth in Milwaukee but the run-up to Tuesday’s CNN Democrat debate in Des Moines features some stories of interest. Cory Booker had recently dropped up, so some Democrats were lamenting that all the candidates were white, a condition beyond their control. And as word had it, things were going to get tough on stage.

Tucker Carlson showed video of Sanders’ staffers warning of violence if Bernie did not get the nomination. And if he was elected, we would need re-education campaigns so people would not be “Nazis.”

The prevailing story was Elizabeth Warren’s charge that Bernie Sanders claimed a woman could not be president. Sanders claimed he never said it, and the debate kicked off on who would be the best commander in chief.

Bernie Sanders claimed he had opposed military and foreign policy blunders such as Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan. The Vermont socialist seemed unconcerned about actual enemies the nation was now facing.

Joe Biden said he would compare his record compare to anyone on this stage, but came up short on specifics. It was a mistake, he said, to give the president authority to go to war.


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Five takeaways from the Democratic debate

Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sparred in the final Democratic presidential debate before the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday night.

The debate, which featured six candidates battling for support in the Hawkeye State, highlighted some rising tensions between the progressive heavyweights in the race.

The event in Des Moines also included muted performances from the more moderate candidates in the field, such as former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Here are five takeaways from the debate.

A strong night for Warren

Warren came into the debate amid a furor with Sanders, and she got the better of their exchanges.

The central issue is whether or not Sanders told Warren during a private conversation in December 2018 that a woman could not win the presidency. Warren says he did. Sanders emphatically denies it.:snip:

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Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Clash at the Debate and the CNN Moderator Does Something Ridiculous

Tonight’s Democrat debate was pretty much a dud. If you’ve watched any of the ones that preceded it, you’ve heard it all before. Crazy people yell crazy stuff. Rinse and repeat.

The real story tonight wasn’t any of the answers given, but the conduct of the moderators in regards to Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. We all knew a clash was coming after Warren’s campaign seeded a story to CNN which accused Sanders of telling her a woman couldn’t win the presidency. Sanders has vehemently denied saying that, and to this point, it seems like Warren is the one lying in this scenario.


This slap fight came up at the debate and Sanders once again denied having said it, but it was the moderator’s response that left people asking “what the heck did I just watch?”:snip:

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Elizabeth Warren’s debate stage antics prove her dishonesty once again

On the CNN debate stage Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders flat-out denied that he ever told Elizabeth Warren that a woman couldn’t be president, a hard-to-believe rumor reported this week. 


But the debate moderator next asked Warren to respond to Sanders's statement that a woman can't win — essentially, accepting the premise of the rumor as if it were established fact. Warren responded, “I disagree,” implying, without any evidence and despite the denial, that he did ask it and saying, “This question has been raised, and it’s time for us to attack it.”

These are just shady underhanded tactics on Warren’s part. She knows Sanders is not a sexist, they’ve been friends for decades, and he’s been publicly saying a woman could be president since 1988. It’s just sad and dishonest that Warren would let this mischief stand, but unfortunately, dishonest politicking is more of the same from the Massachusetts Democrat. 

Warren lied, for years, about having Native American heritage, despite being whiter than Wonder Bread and having no valid claim to tribal membership. She also lied about her father being a “janitor” as part of her blue-collar background. This was not true, and Warren's brother told reporters the false claim made him “furious.”:snip:

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Instead of watching the clown show last night, I did something I haven't done in a while


Actually watched a Trump rally. And aa good time was had by all.

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Ya know how it is said, history doesn't repeat itself...but it does rhyme? I'm starting to think 2020 is going to be, 1972 Nixon vs McGovern. As always I...Could...Be...Wrong.

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42 minutes ago, Geee said:

@Valin - I could hear Mr G watching the rally as I was reading in the next room. Sounded pretty lively.


It was FUN, very entertaining. I haven't watched one in a couple of years, and it will probably be a while before I watch one again....(that's just me). It was fun...There was one gray haired lady shaking her booty to the music. :D

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