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This Week in Crazy....or Stupid

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Career Criminal Hired To Help Run DC’s Anti-Violence Program Arrested For Another Murder

Washington, DC – A longtime criminal recruited by DC Attorney General Karl Racine to help run his “Cure the Streets” anti-violence program has been charged with murder.

Cotey Wynn, 39, already had a string of arrests under his belt when Racine’s office tapped him for the position back in 2018, to include felony murder, possession to distribute crack cocaine, first-degree murder, and distribution of a controlled substance, WUSA reported.


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Call me Deeply Controversial
"We have to become real Nazis to stop the people we suspect are Nazis, don't you see!?"
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L.A.’s New Controversial D.A. Hires Prosecutor Who Suggested Cops Are ‘Trained To Kill Us’


THREAD: I've confirmed D.A. George Gascon has hired public defender Tiffiny Blacknell to his administration as a Grade 4 prosecutor. Blacknell served on Gascon’s policy committee during his campaign. She has called LAPD "barbarians" and says prisons should be abolished.
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The Moron Chip Theory:

Deep within the brain of most humans, resides the Moron chip.

This chip, when working properly, is constantly observing the person's behavior. In the event of dangerous or stupid behavior, it will go into alarm mode.

Historically, this chip may be what helped the smarter cavemen to not become "food" or "stuff on a rock".

What we have here is a moron chip failure

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