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Sauerbraten Recipe


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Sauerbraten Recipe
(Braised Beef)


The key to this Sauerbraten recipe is the 3-day marinade soak. The vinegar in the marinade makes the braised beef extra tender. If you are thinking of skimping on the marinade time, don’t. It just isn’t worth all of the prep work without the three-day soak. This is not a last minute meal. If you are cramped for time, try the Falscher Hase, but if you want a traditional German roast that is perfect for a special occasion, Sauerbraten is exactly what you want.

Marinade Ingredients:

3 cups of Water

1 cup of Vinegar

1 medium White Onion - peeled and sliced

2 large Carrots - cleaned and sliced (Yellow Carrots, if available)

1 stalk of Celery - cleaned and sliced

1 sprig of Parsley - washed and chopped

3 Peppercorns

2 whole Cloves

1 Bay Leaf

3 Juniper Berries

2 Lemon Slices

2 tsp of Salt

Roast Ingredients:

2 lb Beef Roast

8 slices of Bacon

3 Tbsp of Flour

4 Tbsp of Lard or Butter

1 medium White Onion

3 cups of Marinade


Mix all Marinade Ingredients in a pot
Bring Marinade to a boil
Cover Marinade and simmer 30-45 minutes
Remove Marinade from heat and cool

Clean and trim Roast
Place Roast in cooled Marinade
Marinate Roast for 3 days (yes, THREE DAYS) flipping daily

After 3 days, remove Roast from Marinade
Dry off Roast
Preheat oven to 400 Fahrenheit
Wrap Roast in Bacon slices, secure with cooking string
Roll Roast in Flour to coat all sides

Peel and slice Onion
Melt Lard or Butter in hot skillet
Brown Roast on all sides
Sauté Onion in surrounding skillet as Roast browns

Move browned Roast to roasting pan
Add 3 cups of Marinade to Onions in skillet
Bring Marinade to a boil
Pour Onion and Marinade over Roast
Place Roast into preheated oven
Roast for 90 - 120 minutes, basting frequently

Remove pan from over
Move Roast to serving dish
Cut and remove cooking string

For optional gravy:
Reduce roasting pan drippings in skiller
Thicken with 1 Tbsp of Flour

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