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Hands on with the Sutton Hoo sword I Curator's Corner Season 5 Episode 1


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Aug 5 2019

Sue Brunning and her trusty foam sword (newly dubbed Flexcalibur by commentator Pipe2DevNull) are back for another sword story. This time Sue takes us up close and personal with one of the most famous swords ever discovered. Sue has also written a blog about Sutton Hoo available here: Eighty years (and more) of Sutton Hoo (there are lots of other great articles there too!)



Also You might want to read The Treasure of Sutton Hoo: Ship-Burial for an Anglo-Saxon King 1St Edition Edition

Bernice Grohskopf

he Treasure of Sutton Hoo is the only book published in the USA about this significant excavation of an Anglo-Saxon king's ship burial. Priceless treasure found in the burial chamber, the finest collection of Anglo-Saxon craftsmanship in gold, silver and garnet, could have come only from a royal treasury.

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