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Most Popular Ramen Noodle PRISON MEAL


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In this video, we make one of the most popular meals in prison out of ramen noodles and many different ingredients. This is super tasty and will fill you up for days in prison. Be sure to make it and tell us how it tastes!! Hope you enjoy the video!!

**JMO's California Level 3 Spread***

4- Top Ramen Chili flavored Soups

2- Cans Hormel Chili 1- Habanero

1- Red Bell Pepper

1/2 Onion

1/2 Stick Peppered Salami

4- Spears Hot or Sweet Pickle

1- Big Scoop Mayo

1- Big Scoop Asian Garlic Hot Sauce

1/2 Cup Jack Cheese Stir and enjoy

Feeds up to 5 to 6 people or one fat guy all week long!

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