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Family Windows into Civil War Hell


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Family Windows into Civil War Hell

November 17, 2018 

Morgan’s Great Raid and Camp Douglas’s 80 Acres

Teddy Scruggs, who died in 1897 at the age of 97, with part of family, circa 1890-1897. Blount County, Alabama. 

By Mike Scruggs- My great-great grandfather, Theodoric (Teddie) Edward Scruggs was born in 1806 in upstate South Carolina. He moved his family to Blount County in northern Alabama sometime after his first wife died in 1854. He remarried there and had a total of 17 children by the two wives.

Four of his sons by his first wife, Nancy Stone, served in the Confederate Army. My great grandfather, John Berry Scruggs, and his brother James, enlisted in John Hunt Morgan’s 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, CSA, in May 1862 in Blountsville, Alabama.

Thomas and Sterling were already serving in the 19th and 26th Alabama infantry regiments respectively. The 26th Alabama was later merged into the 26/50th Alabama because the casualties in those two regiments had been so high. The 19th and the 26/50th Alabama were in the same brigade. All three regiments saw considerable combat, but all four brothers survived the war.    :snip:  http://www.thetribunepapers.com/2018/11/17/family-windows-into-civil-war-hell/

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