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The Science of Rice


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The Science of Rice
By Meathead Goldwyn
Yup. It's National Rice Month. You might be thinking, "What does rice have to do with barbecue?" but the fact is, rice is intimately linked to the barbecue cuisines of the American South. Rice was cultivated extensively by slaves in the coastal areas of South Carolina and Georgia, where low and slow smoke roasting was also perfected by slaves.
According to the USA Rice Federation, there are 120,000 different varieties of the genus Oryza, but the most common cooking rices in the US are white rice, brown rice, arborio rice, and wild rice. I'm also a big fan of forbidden black rice, red rice, and aromatic jasmine rice. Head over to the site to find out everything you need to know about rice, then try the recipes below.
Paella Recipe: The National Dish Of Spain
By Meathead
Paella, the national dish of Spain, is a fabulous dish for the grill. A deeply flavored rice dish, paella has many variations, including this chicken and sausage paella. Presented with fanfare, flourish, and a pinwheel of colors and shapes, paella is a surefire showstopper for your next cookout. Get the recipe.
Arroz Con Costillas De Cerdo (Mexican Rice With Ribs Of Pig)
By Meathead
Here's a fantastic stove-top recipe for pork ribs or chops swimming in a lush, juicy sauce on a bed of rice. Pork is a major component of the Mexican diet, as are peppers, onions, tomatoes, and rice. This traditional peasant dish uses them all and elevates itself from everyday fare to something truly special. Try it.
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