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White House: Summit Canceled Because North Korea ‘Never Showed Up’ to Planning Meeting


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A senior White House official told reporters Thursday afternoon that North Korean officials failed to show up at preliminary meetings in advance of a  scheduled meeting between President Donald Trump and dictator Kim Jong-un on June 12, prompting the cancelation of that meeting.

The official said that the North Koreans received every opportunity to continue these talks but stopped picking up the phone when the Americans called.

The official recounted the events that spawned consideration of a U.S.-North Korea summit and the events that led to President Trump’s decision to cancel the summit that had been planned for June 12.

On March 8, a delegation from South Korea visiting the United States delivered a message from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to President Trump. The message was that Kim was committed to denuclearization, pledged to refrain from any further nuclear tests, and that he understood that regular U.S. military exercises in the region would continue. In light of this, Trump accepted Kim’s invitation to meet in person. Since then, the U.S. has made significant efforts in good faith to plan the meeting, according to the senior official.

The North Korean regime criticized a joint military exercise between South Korea and the U.S. last week as “provocative military disturbances.” The North Koreans then broke offplanned meetings with South Korea. “That constituted a broken promise,” the official said. 


This is what happens when you won't show up.

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