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UNRWA's "Palestinian Refugee" Fraud?


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Ruthie Blum
May 24, 2018

It is no wonder, then, that the classified State Department report's findings -- showing that billions of taxpayer dollars have been funneled over the years into an organization that has seems to have been perpetuating a fraud -- that the Obama administration kept its content a secret from the American public.

UNRWA is anything but a humanitarian organization interested in the welfare of the Palestinians whom it claims to have spent the past nearly 70 years assisting. It is, rather, a self-serving political body that has bolstered Arab/Palestinian rejectionism and perpetuated Palestinian suffering, thereby preventing peace and prosperity.

Its dissolution is long overdue.






Small question time

I have a small question for our Palestinian friends and their allies.

1. Given the IDF is the 800 Lb gorilla in this part of the world

2. Assuming what our Palestinian friends and their allies, say is true..ie The Jews want to oppress and kill the Palestinians

The question is 3. Why are there Still Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza?

Maybe some kind soul could explain this to me...small words please, I'm not that bright.



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Last night I posted a video Here

The question was "Why Did the German Army Fight to the End?' One of the answers Robert Citino gives is the solders/airmen/sailors of the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine (and not just the SS)had by 1939 been thoroughly indoctrinated...ie Nazified. 

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