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Death Row Information

Offender Information

Picture of Offender Name Davila, Erick Daniel
TDCJ Number 999545
Date of Birth 04/04/1987
Date Received 02/27/2009
Age (when Received) 21
Education Level (Highest Grade Completed) 11th Grade
Date of Offense 04/06/2008
  Age (at the time of Offense) 21
  County Tarrant
  Race Black
  Gender Male
  Hair Color Black
  Height 5' 11"
  Weight 161
  Eye Color Brown
  Native County Tarrant
  Native State Texas

Prior Occupation

Prior Prison Record
TDCJ #1369222 - Burglary Habitation

Summary of Incident
On April 26, 2008, the subject and codefendant drove to a birthday party where the codefendant dropped off the subject. The subject went to the back side of the car, grabbed a model SKSS (762mm caliber) semiautomatic rifle out of the trunk and walked toward the apartment. Once the subject got to the apartment where the party was located, he went inside and opened fire. The shots fired resulted in the death of an adult black female and a five year old black female. Several other victims at the birthday party were injured.

Garfield Thompson

Race and Gender of Victim
One (1) black adult female and one (1) five year old black female.

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