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President Trump: Rocking the Swamp With Who’s Next


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President Trump: Rocking the Swamp With Who’s Next

By Thaddeus G. McCotter| March 17, 2018

The president’s administration was in chaos in a time of national crisis, one in which the very fate of our free republic hung in the balance. There were internecine battles inside his cabinet, which was composed of many who opposed, and in some instances sought, his position. There were vitriolic condemnations of him as a “tyrant” and a “baboon” (among reams of other epithets) from the opposition party and the enemy. And, yes, there was a hostile press to report every scurrilous charge, juicy rumor and latest defeat regarding the president.

 Yet, while irritating, this was not the president’s primary concern. What mattered was saving America; and finding the generals he needed to do it.

For the president, it was perhaps the most painful irony of his life: a magnanimous and compassionate man, he would necessarily wage the first modern “total war”; and, all the while, acutely feeling the moral imperative to reduce the nation’s suffering and speed its healing by waging and winning this war as soon as it was possible to do so.  :snip: 

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