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Russian Embassy lashes out at UK government over investigation into poisoned spy


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In a news release and a series of tweets, the Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom sharply criticized the U.K. government for demanding that the Russian Federation explain how its nerve agent wound up poisoning a former spy on British soil.

British Prime Minister Theresa May asked the Russian ambassador on Monday to explain his country’s role in the situation by the end the day Tuesday.

The embassy called May’s demands “evidence free” and “a clear provocation.” The Russians also raised suspicions about the honesty of British investigators and threatened a response to any “punitive” measures taken by the U.K. “The incident appears to be yet another crooked attempt by the U.K. authorities to discredit Russia,” the statement added.

The news release was also tweeted out by the embassy, with a series of illustrative images for each of the seven tweets in the series. The tweet about “punitive” measures contained a diagram of a bouncing ball that read “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” The tweet about the “crooked attempt to discredit Russia” had a big circle with a slash through it and the words “FAKE NEWS” with a question mark.


Spy wars.

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