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George Soros Faces Hometown Exposure and Revolt


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The anti-Soros ad campaign conflates the controversial financier’s investments in leftwing political causes, including open borders, with the European Union’s ongoing effort to force Hungary and other EU countries to accept an annual quota of illegal immigrants..

To redistribute hundreds of thousands of people who arrived in Italy and Greece in 2015, the EU assigned each member state a compulsory number: 1,294 for Hungary.
Although Hungary, together with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland (known as the Visegrad Four), rejected any obligation to resettle illegals, the EU has dogged them since.
This group has held the line against migration quotas, and could be slapped with sanctions, despite the fact that few members of the EU achieved the relocation targets.
Hungary’s conservative ruling party Fidesz (Alliance of Young Democrats), led by high-profile Prime Minister Viktor Orban, 54, launched the Soros-themed campaign last July as one of several moves to limit the subversive philanthropist’s influence in his homeland — and to personalize the internationalist ideas Orban and his government reject.:snip:

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