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‘Adoption Option’: Please Listen to This 24-Year-Old


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A documentary about a young man who is grateful to his birth mother as well as to his adoptive parents.

Kathryn Jean Lopez

March 5, 2018

Do you want to meet gratitude? Then David Scotton’s your man. At a time when we are taking public-policy advice from traumatized, grieving young students, consider this eternally grateful one.

David Scotton is a 24-year-old law student with a little movie with a big message. Adopted at birth, he allowed, with some hesitation and prayer, a filmmaker to follow along his journey from New Orleans to Indiana when he was 19 to meet his birth parents.

The other day at the Sheen Center in Lower Manhattan, I heard George Weigel, the John Paul II biographer, assert that people of heroic virtue are all around us. Saints, they are frequently known as — in this case, though, not canonized and in Heaven but living in our midst, often unaware that they are sources of great grace and inspiration. David Scotton’s birth mother is chief among them. And all those things about saints is true of her, if the documentary I Lived on Parker Avenue is any indication.






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I never met my birth mother (cause I'm an idiot), But I will be eternally grateful to her (Yes I know her name, so I have no excuse) for 2 reasons

1. She didn't kill me.

2. She fought Catholic Charities to make sure Mom & dad got me.

I hope to see her when I go Home 

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