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Judge rules Trump’s DACA phaseout legal


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A federal judge ruled Monday that President Trump’s phaseout of the Obama-era DACA program is legal, adding heft to the administration’s defense but doing little to solve the ongoing court quagmire.
The ruling does not overturn two other federal courts, who had previously blocked the phaseout, which was supposed to take effect Monday. But it does offer a needed boost as the Justice Department appeals those other two rulings.
Judge Roger W. Titus, a Bush appointee to the bench in Maryland, said the judges in California and New York who blocked the phaseout attempted to substitute their own judgments for that of the Homeland Security Department, crossing constitutional lines in order to strike at Mr. Trump’s policies.
Judge Titus went even further, praising the Trump administration for the way it handled the situation with a six-month phaseout.:snip:

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March 6, 2018

Trump's DACA strategy triumphs as so-called 'DREAMers' block entrance to DNC

By Thomas Lifson

President Trump was routinely denounced as "impulsive," "unreliable," and worse when he upped the ante on DACA recipients, offering citizenship (after thorough vetting and many years) to a much larger group of illegals brought into the country when young than just those officially receiving DACA suspension – in return for the border wall and other genuine border security measures.

But he knew what he was doing.  The Democrats, smarting from Trump calling their bluff on the government shutdown they engineered on behalf of DACA recipients, were not about to accept his offer and allow the wall to be funded.  They, instead, dropped the issue – with Trump gleefully pointing this out.:snip: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/03/trumps_daca_strategy_triumphs_as_socalled_dreamers_block_entrance_to_dnc.html

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