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9 primaries to watch in 2018


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When a handful of anti-abortion Democrats were the last remaining obstacle to Obamacare’s passage, most were swayed by a last-minute compromise. Rep. Dan Lipinski, D-Ill., held firm and voted against his party’s signature healthcare law.
Now that Democrats are eyeing their first House majority since that Congress, some liberals hope Lipinski will not be part of it. A broad coalition of progressive groups is backing Lipinski’s challenger, businesswoman and nonprofit executive Marie Newman, in one of the most important primaries to watch this year.

It’s one of the few worries Democrats have in a midterm election year where they have a lot of early advantages. The party boasts a convincing lead in most generic ballot polling, although it has receded somewhat as public approval of the Republican-passed tax cut has increased. Fundraising, with the significant exception of the Democratic National Committee, has been robust. Candidate recruitment has gone well.
The flip side of successful candidate recruitment, however, is crowded primaries. “It’s a good problem to have,” said a Democratic strategist advising candidates running in the midterms. “But there’s no question it could be a problem.”:snip:

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