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Former Trump aide makes stunning admissions in strange interview over Mueller subpoena


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Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg said Monday that he would be refusing to comply with a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller, and then made accusations against other former members of the campaign in a strange interview on CNN.


Here are some excepts from the Nunberg interview

Nunberg made several claims, some based on his own speculation, about former members of the Trump campaign and administration.

“I despise Cory [Lewandowski], why would I correspond with him?” he said, objecting to the Mueller subpoena.

Nunberg revealed that Mueller was asking for any correspondence between himself and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, his associate Rick Gates, and Hope Hicks, who announced last week she was leaving her post as White House communicators director.

“I am not a fan of Donald Trump, OK?” Nunberg said. “He treated me like crap. He treated Roger [Stone] like crap. I should not have been fired. Roger should not have been treated the way he did. And Trump decided he loved Cory more than us.”

Roger Stone was a long-time friend of Trump’s and a Republican political operator. It has been reported that he had some interactions with WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange during the election, but he denies colluding in any way.

“Donald Trump caused this, because he’s an idiot,” Nunberg continued, “because he decided to give an interview to Lester Holt the day after he fired James Comey.” Nunberg also decried the reasoning behind Trump holding a White House meeting with Russians soon after firing Comey.


"He hurt my feelings. Waaah!"

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