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By:Chronicles | March 01, 2018

In his latest interview for the Iranian English-language TV network, live from their studio in Beirut, Srdja Trifkovic discusses the developments surrounding the Korean peninsula. [Watch interview here.]

Q: Foreign affairs editor of Chronicles magazine Srdja Trifkovic joins us via satellite from the Lebanese capital Beirut . . . First of all, what are your impressions of the comments by the South Korean president Moon Jae-in, with regards to lowering the threshold of talks with North Korea.

ST: It is interesting that he called both on the United States and North Korea to "lower the threshold." In a way, the U.S. ally South Korea was acting as if it were keeping a somewhat equidistant position between Washington and Pyongyang. Of course in substance this is not the case, but the South Koreans have every reason to be extremely worried. Let me draw your attention to a remarkable statement by the Republican Senator James Risch of Idaho, at the Munich Security Conference the week before last. He said that if North Korea does not give up its nuclear program,   :snip: 

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