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11 people sick, 3 hospitalized after suspicious letter received at Fort Myer in Virginia


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Diana Stancy Correll

Feb 27, 2018

Three individuals were taken to a local hospital after 11 people became sick after a suspicious was received at a military base in Arlington, Va., on Tuesday, according to the Arlington County Fire Department.

“An envelope containing an unknown substance was received, today, aboard Joint Base Fort Myer-Henderson Hall. Personnel in the affected building took immediate preventative measures by evacuating the building,” U.S. Marine Corps spokesperson Maj. Brian Block said in a statement.

“Base officials and are coordinating with local HAZMAT teams and FBI,” he added. “Several Marines are receiving medical care as a result of this incident. No additional details are available at this time as the investigation is ongoing.”

According to a spokesperson for the fire department, the three who were hospitalized are in a stable condition and the response to the incident is being cut back as an investigation continues to look into the matter.

Three individuals involved felt a burning sensation on their hands and face, and one experienced a nosebleed, Spc. Nicholas Hodges said.





Trump will be blamed in 5..4..3..2..1

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