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Suppression of Conservative Views Panel - James O'Keefe, James Damore - CPAC 2018


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Feb 26, 2018

James O'Keefe spoke on a panel about the suppression of conservative views in Silicon Valley in the wake of Project Veritas' latest undercover Twitter investigation at CPAC 2018. In addition to Mr. O’Keefe, panelists included “Google memo” author James Damore, free speech attorney Harmeet Dhillon, Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor and tech entrepreneur Marlene Jaeckel.
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Blogger R.S. McCain Says Tech Giants are 'Deplatforming' Conservatives Every Day

Debra Heine

February 26, 2018

Popular conservative blogger R.S. McCain of The Other McCain had a few thoughts to share after watching a Friday CPAC panel address the issue of the deplatforming of conservatives on social media. (The full panel can be viewed here.)

McCain, who had over 90,000 followers at the time, was banned from Twitter in 2016 for no apparent reason. More recently, McCain informed PJ Media, he has been banned from the online publishing platform Medium—again, for no apparent reason.

In addition to his own blog, McCain has written for The American Spectator and was an editor at the Washington Times. He is also the author of Sex Trouble: Essays on Radical Feminism and the War Against Human Nature.

McCain said media tech giants like Google, Twitter, and  Facebook have begun "deplatforming" conservatives and that "conservative dissent is being silenced every day."



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I just had a thought...Yes an actual thought! :blink:.....:D

Given that the above two posts are true (and I have no reason to believe otherwise) , and these tech giants are censoring political ideas...How Do I Know They Are Not Censoring Other Subjects? Can I Trust Google/Bing...Twitter....Facebook to give me the straight facts on...say The Albigensian Crusade? I mean on non political subjects I think they are playing things straight.....but how do I Know?


Once trust is lost, it's hard to get back.

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