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Democrat Memo Confirms FBI Used Dossier, Never Told Court It Was Funded by Clinton Campaign and DNC


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The House Intelligence Committee Democrats’ memo dropped Saturday afternoon, to much elation from the #Resistance.

However, the 10-page memo—which was supposed to be a total takedown of the memo committee Republicans released last month exposing alleged FBI abuse—ended up confirming it instead.

Not only did it fail to refute the Republican memo, but it raised additional questions for the Justice Department and the FBI’s handling of the dossier.

The main charge in the Republican memo was that the FBI used a political document to seek a surveillance warrant on a Trump campaign member, and never told the court that it was using as part of its justification a dossier paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

The Democrat memo confirms that the FBI used the dossier in the initial surveillance warrant application and subsequent renewals, and confirms that the FBI never told the court that the Clinton campaign or the DNC were behind the dossier.

The Democrat memo reveals the actual language the DOJ and FBI gave the court—which has no hint that the Clinton campaign or the DNC were behind the dossier authored by ex-British spy Christopher Steele.

The language actually masks the identities of Perkins Coie, the law firm the campaign and the DNC used as a cutout to hire Fusion GPS, and of Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS. They are simply referred to as “U.S.-based law firm” and “U.S. Person” which could be any one of tens of thousands of law-firms and any one of hundreds of millions of Americans.

In addition, the language said the FBI “speculates” that both were “likely” looking for information that could be used to discredit Trump’s campaign—instead of revealing the true motive behind the dossier.


Confirming what was already suspected.

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