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An Interview With Armstrong Williams on Trump’s Authenticity, Ben Carson’s Calming Effect, and Black Achievement


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Armstrong Williams is a political commentator, entrepreneur, nationally syndicated columnist, and host of “The Armstrong Williams Show.” He’s also a passionate supporter of President Donald Trump and close friend to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. We spoke to him about his work in the media business, Black History Month, and Trump’s relationship with African-Americans. An audio recording of our interview is above and an edited transcript is below.
Rob Bluey: I think it’s fair to call you a media mogul of sorts. You are the largest black owner of TV stations in America, you’re prolific on Twitter and social media. As you survey the media landscape today, what’s your strategy for developing successful content and programming?
Armstrong Williams: You have, on the one side, the MSNBCs, the CNNs, and then on the other side you have the Foxes—one to the extreme right, one to the far left—and to me, they are both the same. Even when you speak about whether it’s health care, whether it’s the tax cuts, anything that the president does, anything that the left does, you know exactly what the right is going to say, and you know exactly what the left is going to say.
More and more, those two sides are really being drowned out, because obviously they’ve invested their capital, their allegiance into not a belief system, but into a party. When you invest so much into a party, you literally forget who you are. You could forget your value systems, and it’s no longer about you. You’re no more than a slave. You’re dictated to, and you just follow, the dictate of the party. I know, because I was once that person.:snip:

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