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In Austin, Sheriff’s deputies lack sufficient body armor due to ICE “resistance”


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Jazz Shaw

February 18, 2018

Here’s a story which demonstrates how national “movements” wind up having real-world impacts on the local level. It’s become quite popular for officials, both elected and among law enforcement, to #RESIST Trump by refusing to accept detainers from ICE when they arrest criminal illegal aliens. The federal government has been pushing back on this in various ways, but it’s also happening at the state level. In Texas, for instance, Governor Abbot previously established a series of grants which would be used to purchase upgraded, “rifle-resistant” body armor for law enforcement officers.

Given the number of police and sheriffs who have been killed in Texas over the past few years, some in ambush situations with powerful weapons, this was a widely popular move. But in Travis County, composed mostly of the City of Austin, the new armor will not be received as things stand now. One requirement to qualify for the grant was that the law enforcement agency had to provide a letter stating that they would honor ICE detainers. Austin’s Sheriff has thus far refused to sign such a letter. (KXAN News)


And the result is that most of the peers of these Sheriff’s deputies around the state will have rifle-resistant body armor, but the ones working under Sheriff Hernandez won’t. That must make them feel a lot better everytime they go out on a call

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