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Florida sheriff has ‘game-changer’ plan to arm teachers and end gun-free school zones


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A Florida sheriff has devised a plan to arm teachers and end gun-free school zones – and he wants the program implemented nationwide.

“There has to be a line-of-defense. It’s not something we want to do — it’s something we have to do,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told “Fox and Friends” on Saturday.

What is the plan?

Dubbed the “Sentinel Program,” Judd explained that his department has devised and already implemented a plan that would become a “game-changer” if it was implemented on school campuses nationwide.

The plan is simple: Arm teachers with concealed weapons and train them to effectively defend students should the need ever arise. The program has already been put into action at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, which is in Judd’s jurisdiction.

Judd explained that the process to choose which teachers to arm is extremely vigorous. He told the “Fox and Friends” hosts he only selects teachers with impeccable, crime-free backgrounds. Then, the teachers undergo rigorous training that includes meeting standards beyond those that Florida law enforcement must maintain. In addition, each selected teacher undergoes intense psychological evaluation.

Only after the teachers successfully complete the training are they honored as “special deputy sheriffs” and allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus.


A ton of prevention.

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