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DACA, Taco Tuesday, and the lessons of “Glengarry, Glen Ross”


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DACA, Taco Tuesday, and the lessons of “Glengarry, Glen Ross”

By Michael Walsh| February 15, 2018

The very least we should expect from one of the two major political parties is a minimal pretense of upholding the laws of the United States. After all, that is what our elected representatives and judges swear to do when they take office. And yet, as things stand now, this isn’t a sure bet. As President Trump attempts to reassert American national sovereignty through the simple expedient of enforcing current immigration laws, the Democratic Party has decided to thwart him at every turn, primarily via its control of the lesser federal judiciary. It’s a move they’ll come to regret.

 Take for example, the recent ruling by two federal judges that Trump has no right to countermand an executive order issued by his predecessor regarding the lifelong illegal aliens and non-American citizens the Left has touchingly decided to sentimentalize as “Dreamers.” These foreign-born illegal-alien children of illegal-alien parents were brought to this country at some point in their minority and, while many of them are long since old enough to have joined the Army (and thus have the legal path to citizenship they claim to want), :snip: 

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