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The Not-So-Precious Truth About the ‘Precious’ NHS


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When British Prime Minister Theresa May gave her traditional New Year's speech on December 31, one line -- actually, just one word -- jumped out at me. May spoke of the importance of “taking a balanced approach to government spending, so we get our debt falling but can also invest in the things that matter -- our schools, our police and our precious NHS.”
Yes, “precious.” She actually described the National Health Service as precious!
Now, one might easily forgive her for describing, say, Britain's finest doctors and nurses as -- oh, I don't know -- how about “treasured”? Or for using such language to celebrate modern medicine -- robot surgery, wonder drugs, cutting-edge diagnostic technology.
But no: Theresa May was talking about a government bureaucracy. It struck me as both ridiculous and scary -- a perfect example of the statist mentality at its most perverse.
I already knew that the Brits have been brainwashed for generations into thinking their NHS is some kind of miracle. (Recall, for example, the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics, which climaxed in a bizarre tribute to the NHS.) But May's use of the word “precious” was a new one to me.:snip:

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58 minutes ago, nickydog said:

Brits who can afford it take out private health insurance.

Wow, talk about class warfare  - but at least they are legally able to do so. If you think about it, Medicare is a public health insurance that you are basically forced to participate in. You are not legally able to do otherwise. I am sure if they go to public healthcare here it would be the same. Everyone participates. Otherwise it would be the same as Obamacare. If the healthy and the sick don't both pay up, it's unsustainable.  

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