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Democrats Digging for Info on Republican Josh Hawley’s Wife


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Both a national Democratic committee and a David Brock-run liberal super PAC were digging for dirt on the wife of Missouri Republican Josh Hawley months before he even announced his campaign, according to freedom of information requests obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.
Inquiries for records on Erin Hawley were sent by both the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and American Bridge 21st Century, a liberal opposition research PAC that raised millions from liberal donors to attack Republican candidates in 2018. Both groups sent their requests to the University of Missouri, where she is a law professor.
The DSCC's July request asked for all messages sent or received on Hawley's university email address since her initial hiring in 2011, all materials she has produced for the university, and the syllabi for any of the courses she taught.
A month later in August, operatives from American Bridge sent two requests to the university—the first asking for the "offer letter submitted" to Hawley in 2011 and the second asking for "copies of travel or reimbursement forms" involving Hawley since her hiring.:snip:

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