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New York Democrat: I Was More Like Trump On Immigration, But I Represented Rednecks Back Then


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Last week, CNBC’s Ron Insana commented on the Democratic National Committee’s fundraising issues. It’s dismal, the worst in years. So, what happened? Well, for starters, Obama is out of office and Democrats are in their worst shape in years, curtailed only to their urban strongholds and the coasts. One-third of their House caucus comes from three states, New York, Massachusetts, and California. That’s not the makings of a national party. Obama had a good message and clear agenda. The current Democratic Party does not, except for hating all things Trump. With zero sales pitch, don’t expect a flood of donations. Insana was concise: no message and no messenger. That was evident during Donald Trump’s first State of the Union, where there was not one, but five Democratic responses.:snip:

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