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Sometime in the night


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Sometime in the night

A baby dies amid squalor, a family’s secret is revealed

By Beth Hundsdorfer and George Pawlaczyk

When Tim Elkins heard a police battering ram smash against his front door, he hid with his kids under a blanket.

Baby Matthew died sometime in the night. Tim knew that when the deputies broke through they would find out the Elkins family secret. It would mean the end of them as a family.

He whispered to his 5-year-old daughter, the favorite of his nine children.

“I won’t let them in.”

The door finally splintered. Tim heard voices in the foyer below, footsteps on the stairs.

A single flashlight beam swept across Tim and six of his small children, who lay in a tangle of blankets on a filthy mattress.

Throughout the home, just feet away from the mattress in every direction, lay more than a year’s accumulation of animal waste and hundreds of plastic trash bags filled with rotting garbage. In rooms where the Elkins kids should have played, dreamed and finished their homework, rats chewed and hordes of bugs crawled nightly to the ceiling for warmth.

Tim put his hands up.

Police were dumbfounded by the squalor, the stench and the endless garbage. And now a baby was dead. It was something society could not ignore. Police said someone had to pay.    :snip:   http://bnd.com/news/local/article188429509.html 

( Note video also -- unbelievable )

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