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\This Cookbook is a Great Introduction to Southern Cooking


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\This Cookbook is a Great Introduction to Southern Cooking

byErick Erickson

1 day

I stumbled upon this book of Southern cooking and was amazed by how good it is.

I stumbled upon this cookbook by luck. I collect cookbooks and have a real bias against most modern Southern cookbooks. They tend to be too fancy and take the rustic and rural flavors of the South and botch them up for urban, yankee tastes. I'm sure some hipster in Brooklyn can flip open his favorite Southern cookbook and create something that resembles nothing I would recognize. But it will appeal to his New York sensibilities. It really is atrocious what some cooks have done in the name of redefining or repackaging Southern cuisine.

This book, Bon Appétit, Y'all , is authentic. It is mostly family recipes and a good starter from Virginia Willis, who explains things so well. I think this will be a Christmas gift of mine to several friends this year. I was amazed to see a number of recipes in there that are family classics in my family and there is very little difference in how I would make them. But I still prefer my gumbo recipe. :snip:            :thumbup:

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