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“Out of control” violent crime in Baltimore takes the life of police officer


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Paul Mirengoff

November 20, 2017


Sean Suiter, an 18 year veteran of the Baltimore police force, joined its homicide unit two years ago to help combat the murder spree plaguing the city. Suiter thus bucked a trend. The Baltimore police force was shrinking due to the resignation of officers in response to lack of support from the mayor and the local prosecutor following the accidental death of Freddy Gray while in police custody.

Last week, Suiter became Baltimore’s 309th murder victim this year. 2017 is the third consecutive year in which Baltimore’s rate exceeds 300. That level hadn’t been reached since the 1990s.

The murder rate surged following the shameful performance of the mayor and the city prosecutor in response to Gray’s death and the subsequent rioting in April 2015. Acknowledging the obvious, Baltimore’s new mayor says that violent crime in the city is “out of control.”







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