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Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe addresses nation, does not announce resignation


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Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe addressed the nation on Sunday, but did not formally announce his resignation hours after the ruling party fired him and threatened to impeach him.

During his speech, Mugabe said Zimbabweans “cannot be guided by bitterness” and concluded with, “I thank you and good night.” The ruling party's Central Committee announced early Sunday they fired the leader after nearly four decades in power. An official close to the talks told The Associated Press the 93-year-old leader will be resigning, but Mugabe baffled the country when he didn't formally announce his resignation.

"The congress is due in a few weeks from now. I will preside over its processes, which must not be possessed by any acts calculated to undermine it or compromise the outcomes in the eyes of the public,” Mugabe said.

The ruling party’s Central Committee urged Mugabe to resign by noon Monday and threatened to begin impeachment proceedings if he didn’t step down. Parliament is expected to resume on Tuesday.


A dictator without a country?

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