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Dance of the sexes


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November 18, 2017

Dance of the sexes

By Richard A. Rail

We’re hearing a lot about men groping women without consent and it’s good that we may finally be getting somewhere in thinking about relations between the sexes. Nothing excuses this type of behavior, but at the same time one wearies of hearing the Left cry about how beastly men are, as if they didn’t know; and carrying on as if women were completely innocent.

Women aren’t always, or even usually, all that innocent. Excluding blood relatives, relations between the sexes are fraught with sexual overtones. It’s difficult for men and women to “just be friends” because female sexual allure unfailingly gets in the way. That’s not her fault. But her failure to respect her power by dressing too revealingly, or dancing with too much abandon, or otherwise putting her wares on too-obvious display, is very much her fault. It sets the stage for her (or another woman) to be abused by an Al Franken or Roy Moore.

It’s all about the dance of the sexes, which is about the continuation of the species. This dance advances by move-countermove and both he and she know that she’s the one who chooses.  :snip: 

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