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Scott Johnson

Nov. 17 2017

Ammo Grrrll rebels against the tyranny of leftist clichés DYING IN THE STREETS FROM HITTING THE GLASS CEILING ON THE PLANTATION! She writes:


When I was young, Art Linkletter had a book and a show called Kids Say the Darnedest Things. Leftists say the darnedest things too, apparently in the belief that if you just say them often enough and loudly enough and with enough spittle flying from your mouth, that they will become true. For today’s Friday Fun, let’s examine just three of these moronic phrases.


Oh, gosh. Ladies could be anything except for that darn glass ceiling. We try and we try and we are allowed to get so high and then, WHAM! We bang our heads on that pesky glass ceiling. Let’s leave aside the fact that I can walk without stooping on a very small plane and have never hit my head on any ceiling. Since childhood, I have accomplished every goal I ever set, despite being a grrrll. Are these women up on 12-foot ladders wearing stilettos when they hit that glass, or what? Men, on average, are taller than women. Wouldn’t THEY also bump their heads on that ceiling or does it somehow only cover women?




The wretched actor, faux comic, and political “activist” Russell Brand, to take but one example, has shrieked at some length about the terrible medical care in the U.S which leaves “the poor” to “die in the streets.” Well, no. Most of “the poor” who have the brains to sign up are covered by Medicaid. The rest go to the ER with a cold because they can’t be turned away. Name one person scooped up from dying in the street, unless it was a victim of a gang drive-by in gun-controlled Chicago.

On the other hand, in Mr. Brand’s native Great Britain, people die in the halls of filthy, neglected hospitals or are given “palliative” medicine if they are too old and sick to merit any further care. The difference in breast cancer survival rates in both countries is appalling.





Oh, how I would LOVE to bring back Frederick Douglass or Sojourner Truth to hear Jesse Jackson claim with a straight face that “picking cotton” as a lifelong chattel slave and “picking footballs” for millions are exactly the same thing. (Picking footballs? Do you mean interceptions? So only cornerbacks and safetys are slaves? What the hell are you babbling about? Talk about a tortured analogy.)

Grow up, Jesse. What a pity you couldn’t have found one of your catchy rhymes for “football” – “loot Mall”? no, best not go THERE – but even you know better than that. Slavery was one of the most cruel and wretched institutions in the history of the world. That it still goes on in the Middle East and Africa is rarely, if ever, noted. Perpetrators are the wrong colors and wrong religion. Not to mention that I consider drug dealers of any color to be the modern version of slavemasters. Their slaves OD in junkie dens or cars with babies screaming in their car-seats, and the dealers get new slaves whose every hour is devoted to one thing: get more drugs!




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