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Environmentalism’s Worsening Anti-Human Infection


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Wesley J. Smith

November 16, 2017


As I wrote in The War on Humans, environmentalism has become increasingly anti-human, both in proposed policies–such as those that would reduce economic vitality and thwart human thriving–and the goal of reducing human population.

The latter goal would require particularly tyrannical impositions to actually effectuate. Voluntary family planning offers great benefits. But actually reducing our numbers would require iron-fisted tyrannical measures.

After all, China’s brutal one child policy has only slowed the country’s population growth.  The actual Chinese population has not diminished–and the slowed growth came at tremendous cost to the happiness of the people and profoundly distorting its demographics. Indeed, the demographic problem–tens of millions more men than women–the policy spawned  recently induced the Chinese tyranny to generously (he wrote sarcastically) allow its people to now have a second child.

Environmentalists and their assorted allies get angry that most people don’t think that fighting supposed global warming is a priority item. Part of that may be because they continually show how out of touch they are with the joys and aspirations of regular–by which, I mean sane–people.



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