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House Republicans keep announcing 2018 departures


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House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia is the latest in a series of House Republicans to announce they'll retire at the end of this term. There are now 14 Republicans departing in 2018 and just one Democrat.

Outlier check: The number to watch is 23. That's the average number of retiring representatives over the last five election cycles. Over that time, there has been more attrition from Republicans than from Democrats. However, the 14-to-1 ratio of retiring Republicans to Democrats is considerable.


Outlier check 2: According to Brookings, the average terms served for retiring members has hovered around 8 over the last 40 years, but dropped to 5 in the 2016 cycle. The average among these 14 Republicans is 9.57.


Will the last incumbent please turn out the lights?

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