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'Moderate' London Mosque Official Exposed as Hamas Terrorist Leader


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Patrick Poole

November 7, 2017


A London mosque recently hailed as a model of moderation after being led for years by a now-convicted terrorist finds itself in a new row, as one of its current leaders has been exposed as a senior Hamas terrorist.

The Finsbury Park Mosque was notorious before and after 9/11 as a former al-Qaeda guesthouse led by hook-handed Abu Hamza. He is currently serving time in U.S. federal prison on terror charges. According to UK and U.S. media, the Finsbury Park mosque had since shed its extremist past and embraced "moderation," even becoming a "beacon of anti-radicalization." Those media pronouncements now appear premature:


The Times of LondonVerified account @thetimes

A leader of one of Britain’s most prominent mosques is a ruling member of Hamas http://thetim.es/2AmE6OZ 


10:15 PM - 6 Nov 2017




It seems clear that the media hype attempting to rehabilitate the mosque was more wishful thinking than reality. In fact, Hamas terrorist leader Mohammed Sawalha has been a trustee for the mosque since 2010 -- just a few years after the beginning of its so-called "transformation."

The mosque has yet to comment on today's news, and the media outlets that declared the mosque "transformed" have so far been silent on the revelations.

And Piers Morgan has been uncharacteristically quiet.

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