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Democratic infighting over DNC's direction nearing flashpoint


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No matter what happens in Virginia, Democrats are approaching a moment of truth.
Democrat Ralph Northam’s fortunes in Virginia’s gubernatorial race Tuesday will shape the party’s playbook for 2018, but either way Democrats are fed up with the Democratic National Committee.

If the DNC doesn’t institute reforms being pushed by all rungs of the party, those who are holding back will soon be calling for heads to roll. Some are threatening to abandon the DNC, others say there could be cries for a revolt.
The next few months will be pivotal for the party as the DNC struggles to maintain its relevance.
“The writing is on the wall,” said Jane Kleeb, DNC member and chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party.
Much of the dissension centers around one committee: the Unity Reform Commission. After a tense 2016 presidential primary that left supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., disenchanted, DNC members voted at the national convention in Philadelphia to create the commission. Its task: Propose reforms to the presidential nominating process, making caucuses more accessible, and reducing the power of superdelegates.:snip:

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I refer once again to my Hinge of History view.  Political parties at the national level are coalitions of different interests (sometimes Very different interests...see Rand Paul and Olympia Snowe). Both the Democratic and Republican parties have serious divisions. It will be interesting to see which party is able to smooth out these problems 1st....if it is even possible to bring about party unity.

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