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Italy's Apocalypse


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Daniel Pipes
The Washington Times
November 2, 2017


ROME – When thinking about migrants and Islam, Italy is not a country that comes to mind.

Unlike its northern neighbors, Italy had no economic miracle that required the massive importation of labor. It lacks a deep bond to some major source of migration, such as South Asia for Great Britain. It has not experienced major acts of jihadi violence such as France has.

Unlike Sweden, one does not hear tales of crazy appeasement and unlike Belgium there are no partial no-go zones. Unlike the Netherlands, no flamboyant anti-Islamic politician has emerged comparable to Geert Wilders and unlike Germany no anti-immigration party has become a significant political force.

But, no less than its northern counterparts, Italy deserves attention for it is undergoing massive changes. Arguably, they are even more pressing, far-reaching, and denied more than in the better-known countries.



Signs of the time in Italy: Graffiti favor illegal migrants but reject tourists.



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